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Shave Of The Day

Shave Of The Day: Astra, Aqua Velva, Proraso, Omega, and Black Beauty

After a long day, just like kicking off your shoes, giving yourself a nice shave is really a good stress reliever. This morning’s wet shave included:

  • Astra Platinum DE blade
  • 1970’s Gillette Black Beauty #7
  • Aqua Velva aftershave
  • Omega boar brush #10077 (blue and black handle) Italy
  • Proraso Menthol (green) soap

General Thoughts

The shave started with a #4 setting on the Black Beauty which progressed to a higher setting. I’ve started to get down to the last of my Proraso shaving soap and while I find it is easy for this to last, the soap does not have the same effect as when it first was being used. I am not sure if this is a wine vs vinegar scenario in which I have used up all of the menthol but the soap is no longer leaving a slick veneer like it once did. Also, with most menthol creams after the first shave, you are left with a cooling sensation. The coolness is not as strong. I think I might switch to a different soap for a while and see if my face is just desensitized.

The Blade

Last week I used a Personna blue blade in the black beauty and find that on a higher setting, 7 or 8, the blade feels like there are little burs at the edges of the razor which make it much more difficult to shave. I wouldn’t recommend a Personna blue as a quick shave. Setting this on a #3 or #4 left me with the best results. #3 can make the blade feel more perpendicular to the face.

The Brush

The Omega brush was extremely affordable but had a really bad smell the first couple of shaves, however, this seems to be common of new pure boar brushes. If interested, you can grab one for yourself on eBay for less than $20.

The Aftershave

Then there is Aqua Velva an aftershave so remarkable you feel like you don’t want to give it up. The scent is mild and with the large opening, the product leads me to believe you can be liberal when applying. Aqua Velva includes menthol with pairs nicely with the soap. What is more, it leaves your face feeling cool, refreshed, and toned. The photo shows just one month of use which makes me believe you can get through it fairly quickly. If you are interested in buying a bottle check out either Walmart for a full size or your local Family Dollar for smaller containers.

Final Remarks

Overall, great shave apart from issues with the soap. Highly recommended. 4/5

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