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Shave Of The Day

Shave Of The Day: Lord, Razorock, Aqua Velva, Counter Man, and Merkur

Shave of The Day 5-31-19
  • Merkur 37C
  • Lord DE blade
  • Razorock “Orange Sunrise”
  • Counter Man synthetic brush
  • Aqua Velva aftershave
  • 1-day hair growth without a shower

The Soap

The best way to grade a good soap or cream is by looking at how well the soap is able to create a lather, cushion the face, leave your face feeling slick, and hydrate your face in the post-shave. This in mind, will the soap still underperform or receive a better rating?

I have been avoiding this soap like the plague because the soap has left my face feeling irritated. This irritation has felt like burning around my cheeks and upper lip. Since then, the soap has been sitting in my cabinet for the last year. After much research, I have discovered that some soaps can lead to irritation (burning sensation) and acne because of either the fragrances or an allergic reaction to chemicals. While there was still some irritation on my face post shave the irritation was mild and bearable.

Also, the soap is very easy to build a thick lather and provides excellent protection to your skin. On your face, the razor blade slides effortlessly without leaving any nicks.

As far as the scent, the soap is not as powerful as The Body Shop’s maca soap cream but is still very strong. I would grade this as my favorite scented soap because you cannot help but periodically sniff the soap.

Overall, for myself, I don’t find this soap to be an “every day” shaving soap.

The Aftershave

The soap pairs perfectly with Aqua Velva. The aftershave feels more fresh and cooler in which the menthol stands out on the face.

The Brush

What I don’t like about the brush is how harsh the brush feels on the face. More so, this makes the brush more difficult to lather and apply to the face. Overall, the brush works more effectively when painted instead of using circular motions.

The Blade

The Lord blade performed excellently with the soap which makes buying a 100 pack very tempting.

Final Remarks

If it wasn’t for the slight irritation from the soap and the stiff brush this would make for a perfect shave. 4.5/5

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