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Shave Of The Day

Shave Of The Day: Proraso Sandalwood, Lord DE, Merkur 37C, Omega, and Skin Bracer

  • Proraso red sandalwood soap
  • Lord platinum d.e. blade (white box)
  • Merkur 37C slanted safety razor
  • Skin Bracer Original (green)
  • Omega boar brush
  • 1 day of hair growth no shower

The Razor

Compared to the last shave of the day the Merkur 37C does not wait around for the hair to get cut. This is what I enjoy most about this razor, the simplicity and the slant bar for rough areas under my chin ( usually I use the j-hook and buffing technique). Sadly, because of the slant, the razor does not perform well when shaving the sideburns across the grain.

The Blade

The Lord DE blade does not enjoy being in such an aggressive razor with a lot of exposure. There was some irritation around my chin and the blade was very audible in some areas even after the third pass. Compared to the other blades in the family, this blade outperforms. Also, the razor comes in a very thick plastic wrapping which feels more expensive than the blade. I rate this razor as having a 3/5 sharpness and a 3/5 smoothness. Overall, a medium razor.

The Soap

The soap is very easy to water down but lathers quickly. A trick is that if too much water is applied scape the excess on the sides of the bowl. Post shave the mild scent stands out from the aftershave. What I enjoy most about this soap is that unlike most fragrant soaps my face does not burn after the second pass.

The Aftershave

After thirty minutes the skin bracer scent would hide behind the scent from the soap but then re-emerge a couple of hours later. Again, because the opening is larger than other aftershaves I was using this liberally, like the Aqua Velva hack, even before reading the instructions. The aftershave did not leave either a cooling sensation or a sting. Personally, some days these effects are desired.

Final Remarks

Overall, I still had problems with my face not feeling as slick as other shaves. My thoughts are either this is because I have been shaving every day, the warmer weather, soap being used pre-shave, or from the use of the Black Beauty. With a different razor blade, this would make for a better shave. My rating: 3/5

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