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Shave Of The Day

Shave Of The Day: Van Der Hagen, Black Beauty, Astra, and Proraso Menthol Aftershave Lotion

  • Astra Platinum
  • Black Beauty Adj. #5 & #7
  • Van Der Hagen Soap
  • Proraso Green Aftershave
  • No shower

To my own fault, I didn’t tighten my razor enough and thought it strange how audible the shave was especially around my throat and neck. I had adjusted this to a #5 and would recommend this for anyone new to shaving as this leaves the smoothest shave. A #7 makes for a more aggressive shave without being over the top. Besides this blunder, the shave feels close to the skin with no cuts or irritations.

I am already at the end of my soap so my face has been feeling dried out.

As the aftershave has a cooling effect there is much to be desired. The smell has notes of peppermint and another off smell which I cannot put my finger on. The smell is more bearable after a couple of minutes and while much more bearable than brute I would put this in the lower category of aftershaves. I believe a larger selling point for shaving is the smell.

Not as great of an experience as my last shave. Overall, if the soaps not performing then get rid of it. 3/5

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