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Product Review

Stirling’s Glacial Spearmint Shave Soap and Aftershave Review

How Cold Is Too Cold?

This soap is like a punch in the face from a snowman. A snowman who loves to chew gum.

Stirling Soap Co.

I have never shaved with a mentholated shaving set this cold before. The shave soap is so intense and cold that it will make your eyes water before your first pass. This is not for the light of heart and does not even compare in intensity to other mentholated soaps like Proraso. After the third pass when you think you are around the bend the aftershave reminds you that the self-flagellation has just begun. The aftershave starts to burn from the alcohol well before you feel any chill.

Soap Performance

On your face, the soap is very dense and has a slick, slimy, and shiny appearance that will remind you of sour cream. Adding water does not seem to change how the soap performs. With a numb face, it is hard to tell if the soap leaves a strong layer of protection.

The company included a free sample of the Glacial Margaritas In The Arctic body soap which also freezes your face. This time, the scent has a delicious sweet smell that tempts you to want more. The soap feels more refreshing than the spearmint soap but will only last a half a dozen times. Unless you want to make a mess I would suggest placing the soap in a dish as the flat soap will stick to the side of your bathtub like a strong magnet.

Final Remarks

I do not recommend this shaving set to a novice wet shaver. The numbing cold sensation is dangerously strong and can result in nicking yourself. As a result, I advise that you use a razor and blade you are most comfortable with. Apart from this, I would recommend this shaving set because of the uniqueness of the shave experience.

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