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Why You Are Applying Aftershave Incorrectly

Back when I first had an aftershave I would place my palm on the top of the bottle, flip the bottle over, and then tap my hand on my face. I wouldn’t think about the state of my face, whether or not I rinsed with cold water and tap dry, nobody explained to me the best way. Below is a guide to my way of application.

  1. When you finish shaving rinse your face with cold water. The water will close your pores and also help with any small nicks.
  2. Pat your face, don’t rub, on a clean towel.
  3. Place a dime sized amount on the palm of your hand and start rubbing the mixture in your hands. This is important because you want an aftershave to be used as a moisturizer but also you need the aftershave to cover every inch of your face.
  4. If you don’t want to experience too much sting keep your hands open so that the alcohol can begin evaporating.
  5. Rub your hands on your face and allow each hand to handle each side of the face.

Some aftershaves are called splashes. These are most commonly used with a cologne. These can be applied more liberally than others. My advice is that if there is not any clues to the type of aftershave then go ahead with the size of the opening. The larger the opening the more liberal you can be in application.

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